How long should specific posts appear in Slack before being removed?

Suggested guidelines for how long to keep social media posts in Slack.
Written by Thomas
Updated 2 years ago
Please Share provides a setting that allows customers to automatically remove LinkedIn and/or Twitter posts from Slack after a specific number of days. Click here to learn about autodeleting.

Determining how long to keep Twitter or LinkedIn posts – also referred to as “engagement requests” – is dependent on each customer and how often they post updates to social media.

Companies that post more often may want to remove their Twitter and LinkedIn posts from Slack more frequently (i.e., every few days). Conversely, companies that post less frequently, may want to keep their posts in Slack for a longer period of time (i.e., a week or more).

Keep in mind that, with feeds, the goal is to drive social media engagement (from your coworkers) so it's considered a best practice to keep the "engagement requests" fairly current.

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