How to Add Please Share to a Private Channel in Slack?

Learn how you can add Please Share to a private channel in your company's Slack workspace.
Written by Thomas
Updated 1 year ago

The default version of the Please Share app – the one that is available in the Slack app directory – has somewhat limited permission scopes.

This is by design as Please Share does not require extensive Slack permissions to operate. In fact, the default version serves the needs of the majority of Please Share customers.

On occasion, however, we have received requests from companies to provide the ability for Please Share to function within private Slack channels (or channels that are restricted to a select group of people within an organization), which require additional permissions.

To accommodate these requests, we have created a version of Please Share that includes extended permissions that enable companies to post updates and/or send feeds to private channels in Slack.

This version of Please Share is not publicly accessible, however, it has been approved by Slack and is available upon request.

If you are interested in using Please Share in private Slack channels, email us at

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