What is the Leaderboard Report?

Monitor the social media engagement and content distribution activities of your employee advocates.
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The Leaderboard report, which is designed to display both high-level and granular participation details, includes two the following two sections:

  • Employee Participation
  • Participation Value

Employee Advocacy Participation

This section provides a snapshot of how many team members (or coworkers) have logged into LinkedIn or Twitter through Please Share, if they have taken any actions on Please Share over the past 30 days, and the total potential reach of their audience. For more information on reach, please visit this page.

For existing Please Share customers, the reach value may take a few months to fully populate as it requires each employee to re-authenticate their LinkedIn account through Please Share. Typically, this occurs every 60 days or so.

Employee Advocacy Participation Value

The Participation Value table details the events taken by people within your organization through the Please Share service. This includes both social media engagement request events and share-request (or content distribution) events as well as any related activities (e.g., URL clicks.) across LinkedIn and Twitter

Each row in the table includes the employee’s name (pulled from Slack), the event(s) he or she took within a given month, and the associated monetary value of those events for that month.

Please Share users can toggle to previous months using the dropdown menu above this section. 

If using Please Share for share requests, the resulting URL clicks are associated with the individual who posted the content on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Got Feedback?

The intention of the Leaderboard page is not only to provide insights on which team members are most active but also to let companies run incentive programs that encourage more participation.

We welcome additional feedback on the Leaderboard as we anticipate there may be other information that companies may want to see. If you find that is the case, feel free to send us an email with your suggestions.  

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