How do I install the Please Share app?

Learn how to install the Please Share app in your company's Slack workspace.
Written by Thomas
Updated 1 year ago

The Please Share app can be installed by selecting the Add to Slack button from the Please Share homepage or from the Please Share page in the Slack app directory.

Upon doing so, you will be taken to a confirmation page (you will need to sign in to Slack) where you will be asked to review the permission settings of the Please Share app and then select a channel for where to post Please Share updates.

Note: The channel can be updated later from within the Please Share web application.

Once the Please Share app has been added to your company’s Slack workspace, simply follow the guided steps to create a Please Share user account so you can begin posting updates to Slack.

If you do not have permission to install the Please Share app, learn how to have someone install the app for you. You may also want to become familiar with user roles and permissions in Slack.

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