Posting “share requests” (aka updates) to Slack is incredibly easy with Please Share. 

Simply log in to the Please Share web application and use the social media templates to enter the content that you would like your team to share. When everything looks okay, select Post to send the update to Slack.

To learn more, watch this short video tutorial (1:05) or follow the details noted below.

Steps to Follow to Post an Update to Slack

To post an update to Slack, simply follow these steps.

1. Use the Description field to add a note to your team about the share request. This is for internal use only and nothing entered in this field will be shared on social media.

Note: It’s important to also include the content link in this field as well. Doing so will generate a preview of the article or blog when the update appears in Slack.

2. Next, add content to at lease one of the respective social media templates.

You must use at least one but you are not required to use all three. So, for instance, if you want team members to share content on Twitter and LinkedIn but not Facebook, just leave the Facebook field blank and that option will not be presented to your team members when the share request appears in Slack.

Note: Images not specifically optimized for LinkedIn can render incorrectly. Therefore, with creating an update for LinkedIn, you can include a URL to another image will be appear with the update (when shared on LinkedIn).

3. Finally, take a look at the preview of your message – as it will appear in Slack – on the right side of the screen. If everything looks okay, select the Post button and your update will appear in the designated Slack channel a few moments later. 

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